Apple IT services for individuals.

Certified technicians at your service.

Fed up of the same problems coming back time and time again ?

We are Apple specialists. But above all, we are accredited and certified. We guarantee professional, meticulous and assured work. We undertake annual training to ensure an impeccable and quality service. Our certifications can be consulted on the Apple website or simply on request. Don’t waste your time with technicians who cannot guarantee expertise in the Apple IT field. With the most competitive prices on the market, we guarantee a quality job at the best price.

Our services.


Repair of all Apple products. Broken screens on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro, changing your iMac hard disk. Repairs guaranteed for 6 months.


Don’t go anywhere! We come to your home or workplace so you don’t have to go out of your way. No need to cart your devices all over town.

Apple Installations

Installation and configuration of all your Apple devices. Whether it be an iMac or the installation of an Apple TV. Turnkey installations that are ready for use.

Product Sales

We take care of ordering your Apple products and delivering them to your address. You will automatically receive a discount on Apple items.


We will help you to configure all kinds of Apple products at your home. Whether it be an Apple Watch or even a new printer, we are the ideal partner for you.


Do you want to buy a new Mac but need some advice and guidance? We can advise you on your next Apple purchase. We study your requirements and propose the ideal product for you.


Your computer is like your car, every now and then it needs a service. We offer follow-up care and maintenance for your Mac in order to remove any problems and slowing down of your device.

Express Troubleshooting

We can get you up and running again from afar or on site at your convenience. If you have a problem with a software, your Mac, iPhone or iPad, we are more than happy to help you out.


Keep your Mac up-to-date so as to enhance compatibility with your software or devices. We will install the latest updates without losing any of your data.

Backup System

Setting up a backup system with a Time Capsule or cloud backup. You can never say BACK UP too many times!


Repairs made

MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro or even iPhone, we have carried out more than a hundred repairs to date.


Wi-Fi installations

It is possible to set up a high-performing wireless network at home! Our expertise allows us to optimize your current network.



We get around both by bike and public transport. We prefer soft mobility on our callouts.


Satisfied customers

To be honest, we stopped counting a while ago! This figure is a lot lower than the actual one.

  • Bertrand L. | Vésenaz, Genève "I contacted Mac SOS to install a Wi-Fi network at home. Difficulty: 3 levels. Result: a fast wireless network that is available everywhere.""
  • Sophie H. | Bernex, Genève "David worked on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro to synchronize my contacts, calendars and photos without any loss of data!"
  • Paul B. | Champel, Genève "Configuration of an Apple TV in my living room so that I can send my photos to the television. It works like a charm! Thanks again!"
  • Philippe B. | Genève "This Genevan company offers a very good service. Saturday morning my iMac wouldn’t start anymore; Saturday afternoon I was already working again! Great job!"
  • José M. F. | Genève "I called on Mac SOS’ services for a recurring problem on my MacBook Pro. A hard disk replacement and system update have given my Mac a new lease of life. Thanks again David!"


Opening hours.
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.